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Mark Adams

A nationally respected college basketball commentator, Mark Adams is considered by many to be the "Voice of the Mid-Majors" and an expert contributor on the mid-majors for Adams appears regularly on nationally televised college basketball games on ESPN and has made numerous appearances in studio.

Adams was a college basketball coach for 17 years and 10 of those years at the NCAA Division I level.

Known as a program re-builder, he took over three different collegiate basketball programs that were a combined 28-54 (.341) in the season prior to his arrival. In his final season record at those same three schools he led those teams to a combined record of 59-32 (.648). His teams won two championships (1985 and 1989) earning him Coach of the Year honors in 1989 and national recognition.

He was the head coach at Central Connecticut State University from 1991 to 1996, and during his tenure, the Blue Devils led the nation in blocked shots during the 1995-96 campaign. Prior to taking over at Central Connecticut, he served as an assistant coach at Washington State University from 1989 to 1991.

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From 1985 to 1989, he was head coach at Western Oregon State University, guiding the Runnin' Wolves to the 1989 West Division championship of NAIA District 2 and earning Northwest College Basketball Coach-of-the-Year honors. He served as an assistant coach at Idaho State from 1979 to 1982, before being named head coach at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. He guided Battlin' Bears to a 1985 NAIA District 12 Regional championship and an NAIA National Tournament berth.

A national motivational speaker, he is the author of numerous books: WHY WE WIN - Followership and Leadership Strategies for Team Success!, MY ESPN SEASONS, REDWOODS - Spread Your Roots and Coach Your Team to Success!, WINNING IN OVERTIME: Championship Sales Strategies From a Championship Coach! He also has published two children's stories titled: Bucky's Best Friend and A Boy Named Bucky.

Adams received his bachelor's degree in physical education from the University of Cincinnati in 1979 and earned a master's degree in athletic administration from Idaho State University in 1980.

  • Play to Your Strengths! Real Championship Coaching - Mark Adams has created an educational experience that shares how he identified his strengths, his co-worker's strengths and his player's strengths to drive remarkable results. Sharing the successes, the failures and the lessons learned from those experiences, Mark Adams has created a culture-changing educational experience that will challenge each individual on your team to Play to Their Strengths!

  • Turning It Around During Challenging Times - These are challenging times! As a competitive former college basketball coach and as a competitive current stand alone businessman, Mark has experienced many challenges. One by one, he has come out the other end with quantifiable better results than the circumstance he inherited. The learning outputs of this program revolve around 5 basic fundamentals of individual and team leadership strategies:

    • Step 1: Re-Create the Vision
    • Step 2: Recruit the Best from Top to Bottom
    • Step 3: Be Clear About Your Expectations
    • Step 4: Play to Your Strengths
    • Step 5: Keep it Simple!

  • The Wolf Pack Strategy: Why We Win! - Wolves thrive in a social structure that requires a leader (the alpha) and a lot of really good followers. The alpha, beta and omegas of the wolf pack create a society that lives and dies together through teamwork and strategy. Wolves understand the value of good leadership but they also are willing followers for the good of the pack. Mark Adams explores what we can learn from these highly socialized and fascinating creatures.

    While Mark Adams makes his living educating leaders on leadership strategies and tactics, it is now time to concentrate on those who really do the work. It is time to focus on the followers of the pack and explore why wolves and people lead and follow.

  • Redwoods: Spread Your Roots and Coach Your Team to Success - Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world, and they spread and intertwine their roots with each other to stand tall and strong as they battle strong storms. Mark Adams challenges audiences to spread their roots and develop team/alliance strategies that drive better team performance and better profitability with strong alliance relationships. In today's competitive environment, it is important to understand that successful businesses are built one person at a time while putting that person in position to touch as many people around him/her as possible.

  • My Heroes: Lessons of Leadership! - Mark Adams shares the stories of many diverse people who have made a difference across the world. He will not only share these stories with passion and enthusiasm but also explore how these people and their examples have made a difference in our world. He will guide your team of leaders on a journey that investigates these amazing examples of leadership and how you can incorporate new ideas and tried and true strategies for success.

  • Winning in Overtime: Championship Sales Strategies from a Championship Coach - Mark Adams won 75% of his overtime games as a college basketball coach and his ability to win close games led to two championship seasons. Winning in Overtime is all about closing the sale by performing the fundamentals you have practiced a thousand times. Too many sales people are always trying to take the short cuts to success, but sometimes success takes a little bit longer, just like an overtime game.

    Learn the secrets of how to win when it is you against the competition and the game is tied. Explore the techniques used by coaches in the most competitive sales game of all-college recruiting! Mark Adams played that game for 17 years as a NCAA D-I and small college basketball coach, and now he wants to share those experiences and strategies with your sales team
Why We Win My ESPN Seasons Redwoods Winning in Overtime Team Geese
Why We Win: Followership and Leadership Strategies for Team Success! My ESPN Seasons Redwoods: Spread Your Roots and Coach Your Team to Success! Winning in Overtime: Championship Sales Strategies from a Championship Coach! Team Geese....and Other Musings

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