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Jeff Evans
Photo of Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans has been seeking out the most unique challenges in the world of adventure for over a decade. Whether hanging from a helicopter rescuing climbers in need, competing in an Eco Challenge or guiding a blind man to the summit of Mt Everest, Jeff has planned out and executed many projects that on first glimpse seem quite unlikely to be successful. In order to face these challenges, Jeff has had to construct an attitude of success which includes an algorithm based on foresight, preparation, physical strength, mental fortitude and perseverance. He refers to this collection as MountainVision.

Jeff has brought the MountainVision story to corporate and civic groups around the world for a decade now, colorfully translating the lessons he has learned from his adventures into applicable themes that can be used in our daily professional and private lives. Whether he is addressing a conference room of corporate executives or a ballroom of fundraising attendees, Jeff touches on themes such as teamwork, goal setting, commitment and leadership. During his keynote, Jeff draws on many of the metaphors hidden in the world of adventure and brings them to his audience in a humorously inspiring way. These messages are funny, potent and tactile; reminding his audiences that it is critical to focus on detail, embrace small successes, and disregard the expectations others create in order to achieve your own potential.

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Jeff will customize the content and emphasis of each speaking engagement to meet the needs and expectations of his hosts. He will help the meeting planners decide which of the MountainVision Themes are most critical within that particular organization. He will also spend time inquiring about the culture of each organization in order to apply the themes in a very personalized manner...bringing each theme into the company in a very subjective way. His own goal in each case is to inspire and motivate his listeners to believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish that which may seem impossible, to be willing to risk failure in order to achieve success, and to move toward their goals well prepared and ready for the challenge.

Bring Jeff Evans and MountainVision to your next event...corporate meetings, medical conferences, fundraising events...the MountainVision themes are exciting and effective in a wide array of applications and venues. These themes are inspired from many of the lessons Jeff has acquired while guiding a blind climber on mountains all over the globe, culminating with the first blind summit of Mt. Everest. From the summit of Mt Everest back to the board room, these messages work. Let's put them into action.

  • MountainVision: Creating a Vision to the Top of the World - This is Jeff's most popular program taking the audience on a journey guiding a blind climber on mountains around the world culminating with the summit of Everest.

  • Medical Teamwork at its Best - Jeff has the "insider" ability to address all medically related conferences and events from his 10 years as a practicing Emergency Room Physician Assistant. This is the ideal program for any event that is centered around medical industry professionals.

  • The Ultimate Team Dynamic - This is an exciting new program that has Jeff sharing the stage with either blind climber Erik Weihenmayer or blind/deaf climber Bill Barkeley. By having both the guide and disabled climber on stage, collaboratively sharing stories, the audience is introduced to the ultimate teamwork message.

  • Beyond The Summit...Staying Focused - This program is for the organization that has achieved success and/or reached their established goals and needs to keep the momentum in high gear.

  • Community and Generosity - This program makes a wonderful centerpiece for non-profits and civic groups that rely on community and sponsorship support.

  • The Playing Field Is Even - This program is all about diversity and adversity. Many of the stories here are based on Jeff's experiences as a guide and advocate within the blind and disabled community.

MountainVision: Lessons Beyond The Summit

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