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Art Holstis a member of the CPAECPAE Speaker
Hall of Fame

We Help You THRILL Your Audience!

Art Holst, CPAE

Photo of ART HOLST

When No. 33 blew the whistle, 22 giant men on the field and thousands of fans paid attention to what the man behind the number had to say. And when No. 33 - the "Pro-on-the-GO" - speaks, audiences laugh, and listen in rapt attention. NFL's official No. 33 is Art Holst, a man with a rich background in business, sports and civic affairs.

Mr. Holst has been a soldier, a salesman, a businessman, and a civic leader as well as a football official. He's packed a "heap of living" in his life and he tells about it in his fascinating presentations.

Experiences as a line judge for the National Football League prove of special interest. His close-up view of pro football provides anecdotes, lore and lessons that never fail to captivate an audience. These, plus a sincere enthusiastic interest in people and a broad business background, provide the foundation for his messages of inspiration, always spiced with clean, rib-tickling humor.

A Knox College graduate with graduate work at the University of Illinois, Mr. Holst was a successful salesman for ten years. He was a member of the Economic Security Committee of the United States Chamber of Commerce for two years and is active in his local chamber. He criss-crosses the United States speaking for sales, marketing, and management groups, as well as conventions of all kinds.

Mr. Holst was a member of the National Football League's officiating staff for 15 years. The NFL chose him to officiate in four Championship games and in Super Bowls 6 and 12 as a line judge. He currently serves on the supervisory staff as an observer, rating his fellow officials' field performance.

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Art has also been a successful salesman, administrator and civic leader. These days, he criss-crosses the country as a seasoned professional speaker, entertaining audiences with clean, rib-tickling humor and inspiring tales of excellence.

When Art talks, people laugh ... and listen, whether the focus is on NFL anecdotes or stories about business. Art's talks appeal to audiences of any age, gender and interest. The secret is in the preparation. He custom-tailors his remarks to your organization, trade terminology and all.

His speeches deal with handling change, problem solving, discipline, teamwork and how to laugh at yourself. People leave Art's speeches with renewed aspirations and the desire to put their talents to work -- on the job or in their personal lives. One of his favorite themes is "The Challenge of Excellence," drawn from personal experiences during his long career in business, sports and civic affairs.

Art has been described at "dynamic" and "a pro on the go" ... a speaker widely known for sparkling presentations, packed with thought-provoking insights and contagious enthusiasm. From keynote and kickoff speeches to windups - sales meetings to management seminars - Art Holst is a pro at captivating audiences and motivating them toward higher goals.

  • The Challenge of Excellence (Team Building/Change/Motivation) - Making changes and problems work FOR you in your business. Creating and developing a TEAM that recognizes and respects the "Dignity of Difference" in the various talents needed in any vibrant organization or business.

  • Scoring Touchdowns in Selling (Sales) - Rapid paced presentation comparing the game of football to the "game" of selling; how to relate product features to benefits, and conscientious customer service; good ideas and lots of humor.

  • Funny Thing About Football (Humor) - A humorous talk comparing football to life with appropriate anecdotes from Art's 15 years as a National Football League official.

  • Effective Communication: The Key to Success (Communication Skills) - How to communicate better through the spoken or written word. Painting word "pictures" using similes and metaphors. More problems are created by mis-communications than any other one thing and this presentation helps to enable people to get the message intended across to others.
Sunday Zebras
Sunday Zebras

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