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Brian O'Malley, CSP

"I think Mt. Everest is very much like life. And, life is very much like an expedition..." - Brian O'Malley, CSP

Brian O'Malley's adventures have taken him from the slopes of Mt. Everest to the jungles of Africa. He's an adventurer, author, award-winning photographer and a professional motivational speaker and presenter on the values of adventure and how they apply directly to the workplace. As a professional speaker, he draws parallels on his experiences from setting goals, taking risks and living your dreams.

A masterful storyteller, Brian brings adventure speaking to life with his inspirational presentations that bring the spirit of adventure into a variety of team building keynotes and workshops for conferences, corporations, health care teams, Nurses Week conventions, as well as financial and mortgage industries.

His speeches and presentations have been described as '...unique, inspiring, speaks to your heart with riveting passion.' With his stunning blend of art and adventure, Brian's words and wisdoms that stem from his Everest, African and everyday adventuresome spirit, translate into workplace and business scenarios to ignite corporate teams with new ideas and values to reach their goals. His keynotes and workshops bring forth a thunderous standing ovation, and he will be known as your highest rated speaker ever.

Brian's multi-media presentations have entertained, empowered and energized audiences around the world. Using a powerful blend of photography, music and personal experience, Brian touches the human spirit, illustrating the importance of living life to its fullest.
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  • Everest: The Challenge In All Of Us - "More than a climber's perspective on Mt. Everest, it is a life experience that will impact each person in the audience, lasting far beyond the conference." As an adventurer, Brian took on the towering Mt. Everest in Nepal. Now, in an amazing multimedia program using a stirring combination of beautiful photography, captivating video and gripping music, Brian reveals the relationship between the challenge of Everest and the challenges we all face in the world of 21st century business.

  • Africa: The Next Horizon - As a great follow-up to the Everest presentation, The Next Horizon inspires teams to fight complacence and continually seek the next goal and achievement. Once you've had some success in life or business it's time to find the next Everest. The inspiration for this program comes from Brian's adventures climbing Africa's most demanding peak, Mt. Kenya. Featuring the mountain's most demanding ice route, "The Diamond Couloir," Africa - The Next Horizon is a spectacular multimedia blend of art and adventure.

  • LeaderShip - LeaderShip is a team-building event designed to foster teamwork and creative thinking through an experiential boat-building contest. Participants are challenged to build the best water-worthy craft in a limited amount of time, using materials such as cardboard and duct tape. Some of the goals and benefits of LeaderShip include developing dynamic rapport among team members, opening the climate for effective communication, stimulating creativity, discovering new ways of strategizing and solving challenges and developing trust.

The Secret of the Mountains
The Secret of the Mountains

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