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Steve Sax
Photo of Steve Sax

Steve Sax is one of the hottest motivational speakers on the scene today.

He delivers stunning speeches that link the audience with solid takeaways, including leadership, personal development and team-building skills. His passion resonates from core beliefs that started in childhood from a dynamic relationship with his parents and were fulfilled through his realization of capturing his dream of playing major league baseball.

Steve is also able to draw analogies from his extensive knowledge of Civil War History and his work over the past decade in the world of finance. Steve played professional baseball for eighteen years. He played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and the Oakland A's. He was the 1982 National League Rookie of the Year; a five-time All-Star winner, a two-time World Series Champion and the former first base coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2013.

Steve is a gifted motivational speaker and has received standing ovations from audiences like Coca-Cola, Nevada Association of Realtors, International Auto body Marketing Group and Posey Medical Company of Pasadena, California. He was a broadcaster for Fox Sports and a guest speaker on MSNBC. Steve also made guest appearances on Phil Donahue, Late Night with David Letterman and appeared as a character on The Simpsons.

In his book SHIFT: Change Your Mindset and You Change Your World, Steve writes, "There is no such thing as overnight success. Those 'millionaires in a minute' stories are a blip on the radar. True sustainable success--at work or at home--is a habit, as natural and unstoppable as inertia. It all starts with that person staring back at you in the mirror! Everyone has the tools within to impart positive change. Ultimately, success is a choice, a deliberate and methodical choice made every single day. It all starts with a SHIFT in the way you view your world. In this book, I share six critical elements that will lead to long lasting prosperity in your personal and professional lives. Motivation, empowerment, attitude, humility, leadership and perseverance. This book is an essential blueprint for success that spells out the action steps to change your mindset, and essentially your life, from someone who has been there." SHIFT is endorsed by Donald Trump.

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  • Motivation - It all starts with a big dream. Never underestimate the will and passion of the human spirit. The value of motivation transcends all boundaries. Always known as a gutsy and passionate player on the field, Steve brings this same dynamic motivation to the stage. Also, he is able to draw from his success on the baseball field and in the world of finance to link this ultra important tangible to his audience.

  • Leadership - Always by example. Drawing the distinction between talkers and doers. People will always follow the ultimate professional. Steve's gripping personal testimony on leadership is one of the reasons he consistently receives standing ovations. There are many elements and styles of leadership-and Steve specifically targets this to his audience. Also, Steve draws from his extensive knowledge of American history, including the Civil War and early twentieth century.

  • Team Building - Grasping the importance of winning as a unit. Selflessness, Integrity, and Never compromising core principles. One of these core principles is humility. Being the leader that exemplifies charting a course with a humble heart is the ultimate in putting others first and why your team will follow you.

  • Personal Development - Real life experiences dealing with overcoming a career on the verge of collapse. This is an example from Steve's personal testimony as a professional athlete dealing with ridicule, self doubt, humility, and near collapse before a national viewing public. Sports are a mirror of life, and Steve directly links this enormous triumph to his audience and their personal everyday challenges.
SHIFT: Change Your Mindset and You Change Your World

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