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Jim Sundberg


Jim Sundberg has lived the American dream on a grand scale!

After playing the game he loves, Jim worked announcing the game as a broadcaster for six years as one of Texas' most popular on-air sports personalities. Off-season he began his own business, creating youth sports training material which is sold nationwide.

Now Jim manages his time doing what he enjoys most: building his innovative company and communicating the thrills - and lessons - of victory to enthusiastic audiences from many of America's top businesses.

Jim's refreshing personality and warm speaking style enable him to convey valuable insights in ways people can easily understand. Using his wit and humor to blend business principles with baseball analogies, Jim proves to be a top performer -- even off the field!

Why have so many well-known companies chosen Jim to address their groups? The answer is simple: successful transition. Not only has Jim experienced victory at the world-class level, but he's also a successful businessman who still knows how to get the job done!

  • StepUp™ to the Plate - Keeping pace with change ... clarifying vision, building momentum

  • Bottom of the Ninth™ - The winning formula ... maximizing resources when it counts

  • Impact Player - The essence of team leadership ... motivating others towards excellence

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