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Charlie Wittmack
North Carolina

Photo of Charlie Wittmack

On July 1, 2010, American adventurer, Charlie Wittmack, stepped into the shallow waters at the source of the River Thames and started to swim. Wittmack was embarking on the world's longest triathlon, with a destination halfway around the world at the summit of Mount Everest.

During The World Tri, Wittmack traveled more than 8,000-miles from the frigid waters of England to the snow capped summit of Everest. His route crossed 11 countries in Europe and Asia and some of the most rugged mountains and treacherous deserts in the world.

As he pushed off from the muddy riverbank in rural England, the BBC called The World Tri "the toughest human endurance event ever conceived." The struggles Wittmack faced were immense. He endured amoebic dysentery, pulmonary and cerebral edema, and was hit by a car while cycling across Kazakhstan. However, ten months after setting out, Wittmack climbed to the summit of Everest, becoming an international phenomenon and changing the world of endurance sports forever. Now you can hear Wittmack's firsthand account of the expedition - an inspirational story of extraordinary resolve and determination, and success in the face of unprecedented challenge.

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Charlie has been organizing major expeditions for almost twenty years. As an explorer, Charlie is best known for being the first person to complete "The World Triathlon," an 8,000-mile triathlon that stretches from rural England to the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal. In 2010, Wittmack became the first American to complete the "Peak & Pond," a rare sports-double composed of swimming the English Channel and climbing Mount Everest. Wittmack is also the first American to have swum the length of the River Thames in England.

Wittmack has stood atop peaks on dozens of expeditions to the Andes, Alps, Africa, Alaska and the Himalaya. He has trekked across East Africa with the Maasai tribesmen, sailed the Indian Ocean in a handmade boat, and completed numerous ocean marathon swims around the world.

In 2010, Wittmack was elected as a Fellow National in the Explorers Club in Manhattan as recognition for his contributions to the field of exploration and adventure. He is also a member of the Royal Geographic Society in London.

When not exploring the world, Wittmack is a practicing attorney and an adjunct professor at a medical school in Iowa. He is 34 years old and is married to Catherine Wittmack. The couple has a son, James.

Continuing Education Provider
Charlie has been approved to provide continuing education seminars for the following professional designations: (i) medical doctor; (ii) nurse practitioners (iii) registered nurse; (iv) licensed practicing nurse; and (v) certified project manager. Please contact us to determine if we can meet the continuing education requirements of your professional organization.

    Whether you're trying to cross the Kazakh Desert by bicycle or motivate your team to reach a sales goal in Q4, Charlie Wittmack will provide you and your team with the tools you need for success.

    As a former defense attorney, Wittmack has been trained to identify and solve his client's problems quickly and efficiently. Trained by the juries in the cases he has taken to trial, Wittmack has become a master at articulating complex business topics in simple terms, while keeping the conversation entertaining and exciting by drawing on examples from his life as an explorer.

    As a speaker, Wittmack maximizes his clients' return-on-investment by customizing his keynote for each audience through a highly collaborative process with each host. The result is an amazing multimedia keynote that educates and inspires, while delivering a consistent organizational message to participants in a way that few speakers can.

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